SEO = Search Engine Optimisation.
PPC = Pay Per Click

SEO means getting you to the top of google so people can find your website. One of the first steps is selecting keywords or phrases you want to be found for. A big tip here is avoid what are known as the “Vanity” words, lets say you have a gift-shop, to rank for the word “gifts” would take a large budget, you will be better off chasing several less competitive phrases. Typically you will be assisted to select 5-10 words/phrases that will have the best cost to benefit ratio for your market.

PPC usually means google adwords, these are the adverts showing on google beside and above the organic results. When someone sees your ad and likes the sound of it enough to click on it, you then get charged by google an amount you have authorised, average cost is about $0.40-$1.00 per click, you also set a daily budget. There is a lot that can be done to your PPC campaign to optimise it and make sure its working well for you.

SEO and PPC usually work together, you will initially want a PPC campaign while the organic SEO rankings are being worked on, SEO takes time, several months, but can be quicker for less competitive phrases.

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