For so long, this was the only way to sell to your customer.

For so long, this was the only way to sell to your customers.

So you are looking to open an online store? Perhaps you already have a “Bricks and mortar” store, or perhaps you are trying to decide between the two for your new business venture. I have worked with a lot of clients assisting to make the online world work for them as well or better than their real stores.

One of the biggest obvious benefits to an online store is the cost. Rent in a mall or other retail space can be huge, thousands per week. Basically what you are paying for is traffic. The online world has a similar cost, driving traffic to your site, however it can be much more cost effective, an adwords or SEO campaign can provide many more visitors than the passerby traffic you will get in the real world AND it can be turned on and off like a tap. This allows you to increase traffic when you have sales or at peak yearly holidays like Christmas etc, you can also adjust it to suit new products or fashions. Other costs like staff, electricity and stock are all much lower for an ecommerce store. Stock for example doesnt need to be on hand, you can drop ship or keep smaller numbers of items in inventory. If a shop is empty it looks bad to a customer but an online store has this option.

The online shopping revolution is happening now, analysts at Frost & Sullivan predict that online retailing in Australia will grow by half over the next four years. Online shopping is said to be popular for people with money or for those who are time poor. We all seem to be “time poor” these days and the convenience of buying over the internet is becoming a revelation to more and more shoppers everyday.